Women’s studies mash up

Women’s studies mash up
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Using films from the past 15 years as examples, we are showing the roles that women hold as characters. In most cases, men degrade women and act as if they are objects that are only around to fulfill sexual needs. In other cases the women's actions make them appear as shallow in what they look for in men.

Explanation of Mash-Up:

To make this mash-up, we looked at comedy films from the past 15 years that involved mainly male characters who view women as sexual objects.

The first movie we took clips from was 40 Year Old Virgin. The clips we took were those that showed how men commonly view women as sources of sex and entertainment rather than people. The first of the clips involves two characters talking about getting women to have sex with them and referring to them as "drunk bitches." It portrays the idea that men will go after women who are very drunk because they will not have much self-control and will easily have sex with them. Going after sober women is too much work for trying to have sex.

Another scene we took from the film involved the four men sitting around a table exchanging sex stories. The first of the men begins to tell of how he had sex with a woman and it was more to him then just that. He felt as they had a deeper connection and became one person. His friends stop him and explain how they don't want to hear about it, they just want to hear the details about the girl and sex. We chose this because it shows that men don't want to have a relationship with women but should just appreciate women for sex. After the sex they don't want anything to do with the woman.

The clips we took from Clerks and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, involve Jay saying his view on women. He basically states that women's only purpose is for sex and he wants nothing to do with them except for that. As long as they can move, he will be happy with them. He's looking for nothing in a woman except that she is a woman. The second of the clips shows how Jay, being a male, is ignorant in how women don't want to be referred to as an object or noticed by only their features. He calls them "bitches" or "a piece of fine ass" because that's all women are to him.

Another clip we took from Clerks shows two other characters, Dante and his girlfriend Veronica, arguing because Dante just learned that Veronica had oral sex with 37 different men. Dante had sex with 12 different girls, but that does not matter in the argument, all that matters is what his girlfriend did. This shows how men don't view their actions as important when it involves sex, as long as they are having sex. If women have sex with multiple men they are considered "sluts" but if men have sex with multiple women, nothing is thought of it.

The clip we took from The Girl Next Door shows how men will lie about who they are and what they do if it means they have a chance at having sex. They don't even know anything about the woman but they are trying to have sex with her because she is a porn star and is attractive. The clip taken from Wedding Crashers also portrays this theme. Owen Wilson's character sees an attractive woman and based on her looks decides he wants to have sex with her. Owen Wilson believes that he will have a better chance of having sex with her if she thinks he is compassionate so he puts eye drops in his eyes in order for it to appear that he is crying. The shows that men think women are shallow that they just want a man who is not afraid to show his feelings.

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