“Going Home Again” Movie Clip

“Going Home Again” Movie Clip
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Excerpt from my first documentary short film, "Going Home Again", shot on location in Assam, India. Raja shares his personal story as he seeks to fill the emotional void left by the passing of his parents. and what he gains in the process. From Los Angeles, where he lives creating a career as an actor, he travels to India seeking spiritual healing by honoring the memory of his parents by revisting the place where he dispersed their ashes into the holy Brahmaputra River. There he shares his deep thoughts and memories of who they were, the values they taught him and their importance in his life. He also travels to the small village where the family bloodline began five hundred years ago and where his father was born. Raja takes part in a prayer and feast given in the memory of his father and a welcoming to the village. Upon returning to his home in Los Angeles, Raja expresses about all the love he received from his family and friends and the renewed strength the journey has given him along with the spiritual healing he sought and found in India.

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