Freak-Out 2

Freak-Out 2
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In my teen years, I had an Argus/Cosina Model 704 Super8 movie camera with single-frame advance capability. I used that camera a lot to create animated films and some live-action bits with my friends. Lucky for me, my pals all tolerated me as a director and indulged me in the tedious process of animating them around the neighborhood.

This is the second edit of some of that old footage. I have tightened up a few of the edits and re-arranged the sequencing, but have left much of it "as-is" from the original "director's cut". Although many of these clips are original drawings and animated creatures running around the yard, my comedy archetypes are still quite evident.

I have added a music track to this clip, it's:

"Gin Monotonic Part 1 + 2" by A Crowning Experience
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