BAJRANG DAL PRANK on valentine’s day

BAJRANG DAL PRANK on valentine’s day
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Is prank me na hi hamne kisi ko ulta bola h or na hi ladai ki h or love k naam pr log esi harkte krte h khule aam park me jisse kisi family waha aane me sharam aa jaye yr privacy chahye to or b boht se place h public place ko plzz pollute mt kro nd its also a social experiment for those jo bina kuch soche samjhe apne pyaar ko chord kr bhaag gye k unka kya hoga sham on u guyss
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This BAJRANG DAL PRANK will leave you rolling with laughter. YOU NEVER SEEN THIS PRANK BEFORE TODAY and if it brings a healthy smile on your face then dont forget to like, comment, share and subscribe our video.
in our video we dont intend to hurt someone’s feelings and is made for fun purpose. if u have smile on your face while watching our videos we consider it as success.
we heartly apologise to the people in this video who were surprized by our prank.




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