3 In A Bed – CLIP

3 In A Bed – CLIP
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"3 In A Bed" is the newest film from critically acclaimed LGBT film and theater director Lloyd Eyre-Morgan. Nate is still devastated over the loss of his mother, and is finding life difficult as he has to look after his two younger sisters. However Nate's outlook on life changes when he meets his new neighbour Jonny...

3 In A Bed is now available to purchase via Amazon & HMV, and can be watched on Amazon Prime and LoveBox on demand:


I was approached to do the film back in September of 2013. I was pretty nervous to tackle it, as I was fresh out of Uni, with only a failed low budget TV pilot being the most major thing I had edited. Never the less Lloyd and Neil took a chance on me the opportunity to edit their latest feature film. It took almost a year to do, and whilst it wasn't always the most fun project to work on times, especially whilst I went through an incredibly tough period of life at the same time, it helped me really learn the process of editing first hand. Whilst I had worked on Take Me To The Front, A Furry Tail and Cosmo before this, 3 In A Bed showed me what it was like to be a professional editor, discussing ideas with clients and having far stricter deadlines. What I liked about 3 In A Bed was the ability to go back to a genre of film making that had made me fall in love with this art form in the first place, comedy. Being at University for 4 years didn't really allow me to flex those muscles, so it was a fun time getting back into the mindset of delivering comedy, allowing for pauses that would encourage viewer laughter and a sense of drama that really heightened the emotions of the movie.

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